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Beam Clamp 1", Malleable Iron (50 Pcs/Pkt)

Clamp is used to hang conduit or cables from the walls and ceiling...

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Cotton Rags

Cotton rags are most often referred to as cleaning or wiping rags and used solely for purposes of cl..

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Disposable Coverall

Proven to filter 100% of particles > 3 micron Air and water vapour permeable to help reduce the ..

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Duct Tape

General purpose grade cloth duct tape for non-critical packaging, bundling, sealing, seaming, repair..

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Electrical Gloves

For electrical work..

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Fender Brush

·         Fender Scrub Brush ·    &..

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Filter Element

The filter element performs the actual filtration and/or dewatering function in the housing. They co..

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Gun Grease

Manual Grease Guns..

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Manila Rope

Manila rope is a type of rope made from manila hemp. Manila hemp is a type of fiber obtained from..

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Neoprene Gloves

High-comfort, chemical resistant glove for range of applications...

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Nylon Ropes

Nylon rope has excellent fracture resistance among regular synthetic fiber ropes and widely for ..

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Steel Shackle safety padlock keyed differently..

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Polypropylene Rope

The PP Multifilament Rope is easy to handle as it is smooth and flexible by manufacturing the ..

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